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Check in with us later in the year.

Meet the locals

Some locals joining us for a morning stroll.

Natural Beauty

Enjoy Idaho's natural beauty from the balcony

Rustic Charm

Your own private cabin on request


NOTE: Cedar Springs is closed for the season. Check with us later to see when we are open again for visitors.

For more information about Cedar Springs Bed & Breakfast, the activities in the area or our trips to Norway and Turkey, choose from the above links.

High quality, simplicity, and naturalness are qualities you will find everywhere at Cedar Springs Bed & Breakfast. They are part of the home, the furnishings, the food, the atmosphere, and the surroundings.

Cedar Springs - TOP - Summer BOTTOM - Winter

We are a working farm surrounded by trees and trails, with a fantastic view to the distant mountains.  The view alone may be enough to make you relax.  If not we have Moose and Minnie, an outdoor hot tub, good food, good conversation and QUIET.  Come in the summer or the winter. In the summer there are trails to hike, lakes to swim or canoe, bike trails to explore turkey dances to watch. In the winter there are trails to snowshoe (we have 6 pair of snowshoes), tracks of wildlife to follow…or not, and a fire in the wood stove to sit beside. No hunting.

We're located midway between Seattle and Yellowstone... 20 minutes from both Coeur d'Alene and Spokane Valley, or 45 minutes from the airport.

Besides individual guests, we host weddings, retreats, and nature seminars …or whatever you can think of and we can accommodate.

The Beautiful View from Cedar Springs

Cedar Springs Bed and Breakfast - View from the deck

From our perch on top of the hill, we have a view to the East of the distant mountains. (Click Here for a winter view)

Relax and watch a short video of Cedar Spring's B & B

Want to see more?
Here's a bit more detailed view of Cedar Spring's B & B


Our Hot Tub in Summer Hot Tub in Winter

Comfortable Accommodations

There are 5 bedrooms opening onto decks that look over the Idaho prairie and distant mountains. A jacuzzi, barbecues, and hiking trails are available. "Slim’s cabin" is an old log cabin that has been remodeled and is perfect for a family or a couple who wants a rustic and very private hideaway.

A sunken living room or a roomy second story deck is the place to sit and enjoy the view while listening to your favorite music. You might even see a number of wild animals and birds. Bring binoculars and cameras!! We have canoes to make a day trip with lunch to one of the many lakes or snowshoes to go where no one has gone.

See rates and map for details.

  deckSlate and concrete patios, surrounded by a large grassy area, all within 100 treed acres with trails allow guests to gather in groups or wander alone in solitude.

Working Animals - Close to Nature

Moose on the lap. Hammers from the dining room window,
Moose in the lap Hammers from the dining room window.
Turkeys in the back yard!
Turkeys in the back yard.
Minnie and Moose Livestock
Moose and Minni Mother and baby.

Tasty and Healthy Food!

For breakfast we suggest freshly ground coffee, waffles with freshly ground whole wheat and oat groats and fruits from the pesticide/herbicide-free garden, smoothies, frittata with vegetables from the garden and pepper jack cheese, homemade granola, homemade pro-biotic yogurt, Spearmint tea from the garden with honey (Yum!). The hostess loves to prepare nourishing and exotic foods. Just ask! You might also get a long explanation about the recipe and why it is good or different, but, hey!, that comes with the territory! New recipes are always welcome!

Your Host and Hostess

Per and Ellen welcome you to Cedar Springs Bed and Breakfast. Ellen would like help with the garden and storage of food. An amount commensurate with the work will be subtracted from the cost of the room. We enjoy exchanging ideas and travel experiences with our guests. That’s why we have the B&B.

Please visit our Activities and Links page for details.


Your Host and Hostess